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A lot of my writing is focused on my years as a fundamentalist conservative devout born again Bible believing, Pentecostal, Evangelical Christian. I was an intern at a megachurch for  two years. I consider my writing an exorcism; helping me process the demons of The American Church, it’s darkness and the spirits that have been crawling within it for centuries.

Full Length

Lost Boys : A Parable

(10 M)

On a liberal arts campus somewhere in America, there is the Alpha Xi Omega Christian Fraternity house. These group of young men begin to learn about life outside of the world they've created for themselves and begin to crack the exterior of the hard shell they've known.

May 21, 2011

(2F 2M)

Based on real events, in 2011, Harold Camping convinced his listeners of his radio broadcast of the end of world. Many sold their houses, quit their jobs, and traveled the world to spread this message. This play focuses on Becky and her two children leading up to the day when they will be brought up and leave the terrible world behind them.

Miracle at Rising Hope

(4M 2F)

In a mega church conference room, a staff sits around a table to figure out what to do about the miracle that has happened in the past weekend. Pastor Paul is confident of what he knows to be God only to find out he was mistaken. He is left with the question: Is it better to withhold the truth so people can believe or tell the truth and lose all that God has given him?

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