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Matthew DUnivan





My earliest memory of wanting to be an actor was seeing a Sesame Street segment of an acting class in New York City. I was captivated. I didn’t even know why they were grabbing their stomachs and pushing them in like they had cramps but I didn’t care because I wanted to do it.

Growing up with my two younger brothers, my parents raised us with one philosophy;


Have an activity, or you’ll get bored and do drugs.


So we did our activities and discovered drugs with our teammates. While my brothers excelled in baseball, my parents signed me up for a youth theater production of Romeo & Juliet against my will in the fear I wouldn’t be able to memorize all those lines.  I had five. I haven’t forgotten them.


Flash forward to 2011 when I’m moving to New York to do earn my MFA from Columbia University in acting because all of my favorite actors were trained in New York. Since then, I’ve created any way I can. I’m a co-owner and producer with Blackbox Productions, an Edward Albee Fellow and writer,  and a photographer. 

I think back to when I put up sheets in the backyard to make stage curtains and perform Noah's ark, Moses parting the Red Sea (we were super Christian),  and I'm reminded how I haven't stopped creating since.