Matthew DUnivan




My earliest memory of wanting to be an actor was seeing a Sesame Street segment of an acting class in New York City. I was captivated. I didn’t even know why they were grabbing their stomachs and pushing them in like they had cramps but I didn’t care because I wanted to do it.

Growing up with my two younger brothers, my parents raised us with one philosophy;


Have an activity, or you’ll get bored and do drugs.


So we all grew up and got high with our teammates instead. While my brothers excelled in baseball, I was being signed up for a youth theater production of Romeo & Juliet against my will in the fear I wouldn’t be able to memorize all those lines.  I had five. I haven’t forgotten them.


Flash forward to 2011 when I’m moving to New York to do earn my MFA from Columbia University in Acting. Since then, I’ve created any way I can. I’m a co-owner and producer with Blackbox Productions, an Edward Albee Fellow and writer. My strong belief is that waiting for a job is not an excuse to not to create something.




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